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Harry Fernandez is a color-changing DJ who ran for president as a freshman in 2016. His eagerness to usurp the power of other officers endeared him to his fellow KGB members, resulting in him actually getting a position on exec and limiting his opportunities to become Murphy.

Officer Dossiers:

RecSec, 2016-2017

Harry is The Wonka of the KGB. He provides us with excellent ideas that Serious People™ might find silly. He also records everything that happens in meetings and fills our Twitter with communist mémés.


The Ace: (Not that kind.) Harry is now well-known in KGB for his mad DJ skillz. But after he booked his first KGB gig, exec suddenly realized—what if he’s no good? Fortunately, he was an ace.

Magnificent Bastard: Whatever he does, success or failure, Harry does it with flair. He is a rarity in KGB in that he might be cool even among the bourgeoisie.

Harry Sue: Jesus Christ, Harry, when are you not being special? The hair, the keyboard, the DJ fanciness. Did you guys know he was in a movie? Yeah, that’s a real thing.

Written by: Rin

Preceded by
Zora Gilbert
Recording Secretary
Succeeded by
Desmond Reed