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Julia Holz is a person. More content here, please.

Officer Dossiers:

RecSec, 2023-2024

Julia is practically synonymous with the sound of frantic typing as the motion to create the committee to create the committee to create the committee to create committees is proposed. She is so synonymous with the idea of being RecSec, in fact, that we couldn’t imagine anyone else holding the position for the coming year, so here she is.

RecSec, 2022-2023

Julia is a professional typist trained in all manner of shorthand, in order to better capture every facet of our inane discussions and store them forever in the #the-minutes channel. She is also well versed in the arts of cryptography and steganography, so we can still hold meetings when the FBI investigates us for seditious activity.

Likes: The sound of her keyboard, unearthing old business, the Thing

Dislikes: The spirit of the Thing

Preceded by
Liam Thomas
Recording Secretary



Succeeded by