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KGB's 2024 Booth. The Carnival theme was "Arcade". Our chairs for this year were, jpwang2, kgurusha, acacciat, ejchapma, skroneme, and eplin, who led us to complete a single-story Blitz booth on Midway.

The Dino Game is a browser-based arcade game, which can be accessed when Google Chrome is unable to connect to the internet. The player controls a dinosaur, which must jump over cacti and low-flying pterodactyls. Although public reception was great, it is suspected that this theme did not land with the judges.

The booth featured a nearly monochrome, pixel-art aesthetic, with sharp contrast from red pixels and lighting representing fires. The outside of the booth featured pixelated murals of running dinosaurs, with a porch that housed a large cardboard dinosaur statue, named Karl. The inside of the booth features a long hallway with an inverted color palette (black background, white dinosaur outlines), red overhead lighting with a meteor at the end of the hallway, and a white projector room where we housed our game: a recreation of the Dino Game.

This Dino Game recreation was written by Teddy. It begins with a cutscene of a dinosaur attempting to sneak up on a sleeping Scotty Dog, only to be crushed by a meteor. Many dinosaurs then flee across the screen, while Scotty jumps out of a mound and begins running. The player then controls Scotty, jumping over the other fleeing dinosaurs as the endless runner mechanic. Anthony composed actual music for the game, with motifs taken from "Solidarity Forever". The game was played with a pressure mat, so that participants would jump in real life to make Scotty jump in the game. The game prize was a dinosaur sticker.


Due to heavy rainfall and wind, Midway was closed on Thursday, and the roof was re-tar-papered on Thursday night/Friday morning.

Notable features

Things learned

  • Tar paper isn't very good at waterproofing a flat roof, although the rain was worse than usual.
  • If we want to win, we need to pander more to the elder judges. Whether or not we're willing to do this is uncertain.
  • While the number of build week builders was an improvement from last year, we need to improve recruitment and build attendance before then.
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