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KGB's 2023 Booth. The Carnival theme was "Scotty in Wonderland" (which kevinson is still peeved about). This was KGB's second booth since 2018, which meant that only a few people had any idea what they were doing. Fortunately, our six chairs, chood, mckennab, zhengham, acacciat, ejchapma, and eplin, led us to complete a single-story Blitz booth on Midway.

The booth featured vibrant murals of a Monopoly (the game)-like board, from the eye-level of the houses on the board. Entering the booth would reveal the inside of a dull, corporate tax-filing/(tax-evasion?) office, with a passage-way into a dark tunnel lined with corporate slogans and Monopoly (the game) spaces representing campus buildings. The end of the tunnel would return participants to the office-setting, where participants could then become two players of a water-cooler fishing game, with a prize of a plastic coin if the players could fish the washer out of the cooler.

Notable features

  • A long interior wall -> "longer" booth
  • Blacklight usage with UV-glowing paint

Things learned

  • JSA is scary good at booth
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