The Lost Years

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The Lost Years are the period covering the academic years 1992-3, 1993-4, 1994-5, 1995-6 and 1996-7.

Nobody knows what happened to the KGB during the time known as The Lost Years. No records remain of that time, save a distant rumor that Tim Showalter was president in 1996. This rumor suggests that the KGB still existed during those years, although nobody knows for sure. It is unclear why the KGB receded during this period. Theories vary on the subject--some hold that CMU flooded sometime after The Lost Years, washing all records away. This is supported by an investigation of the geological record, which shows evidence of flooding at some point, and of newspaper headlines that say "OMG WATER EVERYWHERE". Others suggest that an electromagnetic pulse was detonated somewhere under CMU, causing everybody sitting at a computer--that is, everyone in KGB--to be fried to a crisp because that is how electricity works. A third group claims that a gaping void opened in the time-space continuum and a jet engine fell through and crushed Breed Hall during a KGB meeting. This, they say, is what caused Breed Hall to be relocated to Margaret Morrison A14.

It is also possible that mvanpeur ate everyone else.

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This period was discovered by an unsuspecting troll while it was exploring the wiki one day. It appears that it is now stuck in time because of this and is now one with the universe.

Historian Work

During the Great Office Cleaning of 2011, the exec board found two notebooks containing minutes of General Body Meetings and Exec Meetings from August 20, 1990 to April 11, 1994. eforney read through them and updated information about the officers and Booth during these times.