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Emily Lynn Forney.
AKA: eforney, E Forney, The Queen of Whispers, Scantrons
Her last name is pronounced 4knee.
She's the class of 2012.
She was a CS major.
She was a Linguistics major.
Она тоже изучает русский язык.
She recently received a master's degree in Higher Education Management Student Services at UPitt.
That means she'll work in student affairs (not those kinds of affairs, you biscuithead.)
Her eyes are two different colors.
She comes from Sohio.
She played trombone in the Kiltie Band and still plays with All University Orchestra.
Sometimes she plays billiards too.
And tennis with tvaughan (and sometimes even doubles with Bubbles)
Her peacoat is peagreen.
Her tassel hat is komrade kolored.
She almost always wears double pants.
Her family's dog's name is Bubbles.
Bubbles' future dog's name is ELF.
"ELF" are in fact her initials.
She is the third most revised page after the Minutes and 20th Anniversary Party planning page.
A moose named Clam lives in her pocket.
She has a strange penchant for toucans.
Jboning was her son, but no longer, he is a free bird and an ex-president.
She's in a sorority???
She's a past double-agent.
She was the editor of readme.
She's clearly a Time Lord.
She comes bearing Skittles (like the food, not the guy).
She is very interested in KGB historical mysteries such as The Lost Years and the annals of Booth history.
She edits all the boring parts of the wiki that no one else wants to.

SUBMIT TO PRAVDA?! (It's not me anymore! Hasn't been for some time! Try my successor's successor's successor's successor.) Or, maybe even try SUBMITTING TO readme???

My favorite committees, you ask? I WILL TELL YOU! I will tell you... Well most of them are ad hoc which is okay because I like hocs but other animals are good too. I am a linguist so I like things like grammar and names and languages and typography and portmanteaux. And even though I didn't study computer science for long, I still had school work, you meanies :<. When I became the leader of this super organization, I began to form some glorious plans for our future. But before that, even back to the days when I was an Ohio, I was interested in such awesome things as frisbee, Pokemon, playing the trombone, fashion, and Booth and Puzzle Hunt (clearly I'm psychic or maybe just wacky).

Corresponding Secretary, 2009-2010:


Producing a mock-Pravda? as an officer platform, helping to run the Service Project of 2009.

Officer Dossier (written by eforney):

Emily was raised by herons on the banks of the Ohio River in Cincinnati. There she learned the secrets of all tongues, developing communication skills in English, Latin, Heron, Russian, Morse, Binary, Dvorak, and many more. She can communicate with darn-near anything, save for the elusive cucumber which has always treated her with disdain.

Feeling it was finally time to leave the nest, she migrated north along the river until it split and she found herself in Pittsburgh. Now she roams freely (on all four knees), equipped with only a trombone, a stuffed moose, and her own observational skills.

If you gaze into her eyes, you will notice they are two different colors. However, as soon as you look away, they are the same indeterminate shade of grey.

Australian Totem Animal: the kookaburra

First Vice President, 2010-2011:


Rethinking the position of 1veep as not just the head of recruitment but also member retention and fellowship, helping to revamp the nature of the Useless People Auction

Officer Dossier (written by Arsenij):

Originally from Ohio. Athletic abilities are average. Is reported to be quite loud. This leads to unnecessary attention in simulations. Good at communication and languages. She would be able to easily join other groups and may discover the form of communication. Claims to be good at faces... results do not support a greater than average recall for faces. Resident keeper of clam, who is reported by some to be a moose. The blasphemy. Only purely nontechnical study individual in the test group.

Test 1: Hero of Another Story

Test 2: Oh and X dies

Test 3: Would easily join an alliance which could be very powerful, but they all fall apart...

Film Version: Genre Blindness/Blood From The Mouth

President, 2011-2012:


Being a kindergarten teacher, introducing the quiet coyote, declaring that everyone is a linguist, introducing the paper crane method of abstention to replace the squid.

Officer Dossier (written by mmeyerho)

Name: Fourknees
Type: Linguist
Number: 39
Location: The mysterious Fourknees has been spotted in the secluded regions of Ohio. Rumors exist of an additional colony of Fourknees in urban Pennsylvannia, but these are widely dismissed.

  • Speak Russian: causes confusion and paralysis.
  • Organize: raises both defense and attack.
  • Jigsaw: especially effective against the wood type.

Weaknesses: Fourknees is known to be weak against the ignorance type. The Bad Grammar attack is currently the most effective technique of combating a Fourknees.

Preceded by
Nicole Reilly
Corresponding Secretary
Succeeded by
Arsenij Kouriatov
Preceded by
Alan "Mander" Kraut
First Vice President
Succeeded by
Adam "Bubbles" Leibowitz
Preceded by
Josiah Boning
Succeeded by
Adam "Bubbles" Leibowitz