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Winter Palace The Booth of Carnival 2003


The Winter Palace was left to be guarded by young men and boys from the Bolsheviks during the revolution. Unfortunately, the Bolsheviks came signaling their attack with a red lantern. And the guard... ran away leading to an exceptionally successful and bloodless attack. mam5 totally told this story awesomely.


This was a 1.5 story booth with a balcony, gold encrusted columns, chandeliers, and fabrige eggs. There was a lovely parlour, with golden chairs and candle sticks, and arching doorways, but the roof left a bit to be desired. epr chaired. kconnors and col were the undergoddesses of the interior.


We were going to attack the winter palace KGB style, using lasers! The kiddies get to move around mirrors to bounce the light around trees rocks, and a train! When the laser hit the target on the palace mockup, all the windows lit with red leds and the attack was a success.

Unfortunately, the bouncing light was a little much for the toddlers to understand and the red leds didn't always light.


One late night, members left the crimson tapestries out to dry from the fire proofing. Lo, the day midway opened, ASA's booth Rome had the cloth covering the banisters! The Carnival Committee elected to do nothing since there was no police report.

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