Kirstin Connors

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aka. kconnors

Former 2nd Vice President (2000-2001)

1st Vice Presidents (2001-2002)

Booth Under Goddess of the Interior - Snegurochka's Castle (2001)

Writer, Star - KGB: The Movie 2: Death & Rebirth

Booth Siren - Winter Palace (2003)

Chair of:

Long Hair Committee which hostily took over the Beard Committee regarding it as a subset.

Chocolate Committee

PDA Committee

Comittee for the Proper Nomenclature of Carbonated Sugar Water

Preceded by
Dan Hook
Second Vice President
Succeeded by
Alisa Grishman
Preceded by
Cort "Randall "Michael "Woodrow "Don't call me that!" Wilson" Farraday" Flagg" Stratton
First Vice President
Succeeded by
Michael "Misha" Moiseyev