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The KGB Treasury is a thing of majestic beauty. KGB is not funded by the Student Activities Fee, which means that we are not susceptible to political pressure. The Treasury is maintained in a secure facility off-campus, and only the President and the Treasurer have access to it.

The Treasury is enlarged by your dues, by your generous weekly contributions, by projectile currency, and by various and sundry fundraisers held over the course of the year. KGB is ridiculously successful at raising money, due in large part to the fact that KGB members love to give their money to their favorite organization. People often use KGB to bitch about the misuse of their Student Activities Fee, and are quite shocked to find that we do it all on our own.

There has been occasional question as to whether a non-funded organization is allowed to keep its funds off-campus, but the student government constitution only says that funded organizations must keep their money with Student Activities, so if they ever give you trouble about that, give 'em hell!