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The Treasurer, KGB's answer to the monetary tour de force that is Scrooge McDuck, is informally charged with maintaining and swimming in KGB's pool of golden rubles. Officially, the Bylaws provide that:

The Treasurer shall collect and receive all moneys due or
belonging to the organization, and shall deposit the same in a
bank satisfactory to the Board, in the name of the organization.
The Treasurer's books shall be open at all times to the inspection
of the Board, and the Treasurer shall report to the Board and the
general membership at every meeting the condition of the
organization's finances. At the annual meeting, the Treasurer
shall render an account of all moneys received and expended during
the previous fiscal year. During the month of September the
Treasurer shall mail to each member a statement of dues for the
ensuing year. The Treasurer shall disperse funds as directed by
the Executive Board.  The Treasurer shall also be responsible for
filing all financial forms applicable to the organization.  In the
absence of the Treasurer, the Recording Secretary shall record
allocations made or debts incurred by or to the organization;
however, the Recording Secretary shall not disburse or collect
moneys, unless authorized so to do by the Board.

That is to say that the Treasurer manages KGB's money. The Treasurer's role in meetings is to, during the Treasurer's report, conduct KGB's weekly fundraiser, and to give the membership a report on the state of the Treasury, in the denomination of the Treasurer's choosing. The Treasurer writes checks (after an allocation has been made), accepts dues and t-shirt payments, and turns over couch cushions looking for change.

The current (2006-07) treasurer has held the office for so long that she is beginning to resemble Britain's Elizabeth II in that most members can neither recall nor imagine a time without throwing pence at her. In this manner (though thankfully, not in a physical manner) she strongly resembles former Treasurer cclark.