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Officer Dossiers:

President, 2007-2008:

Chris Jackson came to the Killer Fighting League with stellar results from his previous stint as Epic Chef and part-time garbageman in the Swedish “Brick Pits”. During his final match against the Platinum Painter, tensions ran high as he prepared his special Space Police Pancake, successfully decapitating 219 Lego men in one toss. His opponent was unfazed and countered with his famous Hue of Horror, but to no avail against Chris Jackson’s classic Roboforce Rolls! The battle waged back and forth, but eventually Chris Jackson was victorious, with the help of the somewhat sneaky Mindstorms 27.18 super-chip embedded in his brain. Having cleared this epic hurdle of his career, he decided to continue fighting for Truth, Justice, and Out-Of-Print Lego Sets. What he expects to accomplish by enrolling in the Killer Fighting League, no one knows.

SPECIAL MOVE: Bionicle Bagels (2 parts classic translucent green space Legos + 1 part new special-use Legos + 3 parts unbelievably-difficult-to-find Legos that always end up in the vacuum cleaner)

Written By: jgg

2nd VP, 2006-2007:

Criminally Sane Jackson is, in fact, not at all criminally sane. Sometimes a name just sticks, y'know? An interesting fact of note is that this picture is actually of his evil twin who plots his demise at every turn. The most obvious way to spot the fake Chris Jackson is, of course, the goatee. More subtle differences include the evil twin's constant need to nefariously cackle as his evil machinations are set in motion, and an insatiable craving for the letter 5. Great care should be taken when approaching any Chris Jackson.

Goggles and gloves recommended. Geiger counter optional, but also strongly advised.

Written By: ddagradi

CorSec, 2005-2006:

Born in 3006, Chris Jackson belongs to KGB's top-secret time squad, sent back into the early days of the USSR to assassinate Trotsky with a giant duffle bag of useless trinkets. Alas, Trotsky slipped from his grasp initially, but, using the alias Frank Jackson, Chris was able to finally defeat his nemesis with an icepick. A delayed action icepick. To the brain. Other nemeses not-so-promptly-but-eventually dispatched: Rasputin, Julius Caesar, Woodrow Wilson.

Current Temporal Coordinates: November 5th, 1605. Target: Parliament

Written By: csjackso

Preceded by
Matthew Kehrt
Corresponding Secretary
Succeeded by
Dominic Dagradi
Preceded by
Lauren "Styger" Stiger
Second Vice President
Succeeded by
Chris "chrisamaphone" Martens
Preceded by
Dave Stern
Succeeded by
Jared Goerner