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   mjmurphy:Erin thought she would get to this later. Little did she know she was wrong

I AM GETTING TO THIS LATER! (just a very far off later)

Michael Murphy, also known as Murphy, Frieder, or Harry, is an adventurous, mostly self-contained human with long flowing locks of sometimes rainbow coloured hair. His love for the KGB is only surpassed by his love for most things, such as live music, hiking, and rock climbing. He occasionally makes Shit Jokes, which despite their name, have rarely actually involved shit. The response to such jokes is the same as is was to his predecessors'.

Murphy ran ITR in 2015-2016. He now runs Important Trek.

Fun quotes:

   "Eyyy Tim!"
   "Rin knows what's up!"
   "We have a new system: Dillon goes up and Murphy goes down."

Officer Dossiers:

2VP, 2016-2017

Murphy is The Spock of the KGB. He handles the logistics of our absurd ideas and tells us when NO WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT YOU ARE ILLOGICAL. He also makes things work in a less stupid way within the organization.


Only Sane Man: Most of KGB is “next to normal.” Murphy judges the shit out of us, but we know he loves us for it.

Blue Oni: Murphy forms one half of the fire-and-ice duo that is Nika and Murphy. He balances her spoontinudigu with carefully constructed sentences and measured wit.

Sentimental Drunk: Happy Murphy is fun to watch, and drunk Murphy is happy 70% of the time. Everyone is his best friend, and it is wonderful.

Written by: Rin

Preceded by
Alex Frieder
Sergeant at Arms
Succeeded by
Nika Postnikov

Ian Griswold

Preceded by
Dillon Lareau
Second Vice President
Succeeded by
Ian Griswold