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He is the man who arranges the blocks that descend upon him from up above.

Officer Dossiers:

Corresponding Secretary 2010-2011:

Originally from the other side of Pennsylvania. Actual origin reported to be from Germany/Russia. Promising start due to ruthless nature of such regions. Is trained in martial arts and athletically capable however strength is not remarkable. Seems to additionally be capable of communicating in more than one means. Reported to have travelled from place to place on many occasions. Beneficial fact. Has an interesting tendency to occasionally wear this large fur coat due to it's soft and fuzzy nature. This coat seems to have an interesting effect on nearby bystanders.

Test 1: Death by Pragmatism

Test 2: Antihero

Test 3: Perfect "player" candidate, just a matter of whether plays or tries to escape...

Film Version: The Unfettered/And Now I Must Go

Written by: Arsenij

Preceded by
Emily Forney
Corresponding Secretary
Succeeded by
Margaret Meyerhofer