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The First Vice President assumes all powers and privileges of the President in the event of the President's timely demise. The 1st VP's charter in the Bylaws is as follows:

The First Vice-President shall be in charge of fellowship
and shall actively recruit new members.

Being "In Charge of Fellowship" means, at a bare minimum, compelling new people at meetings to introduce themselves. A loose interpretation of the text would seem to indicate that the 1st VP also has the responsibility of actively recruiting new members, though this rarely occurs in practice.

But if you're really a go-getter, you could try upholding the organization's Objectives as stated in the Bylaws:

to promote a spirit of fellowship among its members.
to take an active and positive role in campus life.

This probably means making posters/chalking/taking the fence for events like CtFwS and Scav Hunt, going to CS fresmen games night during Orientation, etc.

Because the 1st VP has a dearth of real responsibilities, it is often a retirement position, where officers find themselves when they have outlived their usefulness, but not their popularity. Conversely, the post has sometimes been used as a 'waiting room', in cases where the organization sees two well-qualified presidential candidates in an election: the more senior (often literally) of the two will be elected President, while the one with more time left to serve at C (no hyphen) M (no U) will get to remain on Exec while waiting to move up to the top spot the following year.

Astute students of democracy will realize that the latter approach is not without its hazards.