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KGB's 2016 Booth, and the first KGBooth to win 1st place in the Independent category since 1998.

Nobody suspects a thing.

Booth chairs: Craig Morey, Dylan Vrana, Maddy Varner

Notable Features

  • A porch that looked like a real porch
  • A cool game with tentacles
  • Dickfish
  • An entire wallpapered hallway
  • A giant trophy acknowledging our booth as best booth
  • "Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer" written on the roof

Things Learned

  • How to level real good since this was the first year on Neue Midway (CFA parking lot)
  • That gravity never takes a break
  • Now that Midway is inconveniently far from everyone's cages, dumpster diving after Teardown basically builds your booth for the next year.
Preceded by
Where The Sidewalk Ends
Succeeded by
Topple The Czar