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Dylan (formerly pronounced "Die-lan") is a large booth chair (see Octodad, Topple The Czar) and owner of the Swear of the Week Club.

He is known for his broad shoulders, deep voice, and masterful DMing.

Officer Dossiers:

President, 2017-2018

In his high school yearbook, Dylan “Booth Daddy” Vrana was voted most likely to use CRISPR to augment his body into cyborg Lichdom and hard-code a state of transcendent intelligent eudaimonia into his own brain via The Matrix running a python emulator. He has been caught muttering “damn I wish I could get my hands on more fresh teenage cerebral cortex” under his breath. Dylan is our President and fearless leader! Dylan plays things stoic most of the time, but when he is nervous his voice drops three octaves and his pausing-between-words-with-long-“ums” count reaches Barrack Obama levels. The mark of a truly great leader. Dylan is great at GM-ing, and loves his eldritch ambiance. He often slips into emphatically doing dramatic voices for non player characters without meaning to. He’s a total softie <3.

1VP, 2016-2017

Dylan is The Face of the KGB. Within five minutes of meeting him, you will find yourself signed up to be a booth chair and a Zombies mod on your way to your first GBM.


The Big Guy: Dylan is physically huge, towering over most of exec and booming at everyone in his deep voice.

Gentle Giant: Moreover, he has a big heart and is a loyal friend, always willing to lend an ear to a komrade in distress.

Mad Scientist: Does anyone actually understand what he does all day? What even is computational biology? I don’t like that gleam in his eye...

Written by: Rin

Preceded by
Skye Toor
First Vice President
Succeeded by
Rin Fair
Preceded by
Skye Toor
Succeeded by
Ian Griswold