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Sea foam green is the enduring legacy of Ed Ryan's reign as booth chair. Long after caulk fades into time immemorial and personal jcreeds are just a glimmer in Tom Strong's eye, KGB's reserves of sea foam green paint will remain plentiful as ever. Once used to paint the Winter Palace, the quantities of the substance purchased were so plentiful that no matter the valiant efforts of KGB comrades, no one is able to consume the last of it.

A little-known fact relating to the KGB's sea foam green paint is that there are actually two slightly different shades stored in the Kage. There is a very good reason for this.



KGB's sea foam green supply is housed in the Kage.


Sea foam green may cause nausea, vomiting, fatigue, surjection, and pain. Women and men should not handle or make eye contact with sea foam green. If symptoms persist contact your doctor immediately.


As amazing and even impossible as it may sound, all of KGB's known sea foam green was finally used up when painting the fence for the second semester game of CTFWS in the 2007-2008 school year. There are rumors of certain KGB defectors wanting to sneak into the Cage to place more Sea foam green paint there, let it be known the punishment for this is death.

Updated Update

We cleaned out the Kage on February 5, 2010. sshropsh took it upon herself to open and inspect our cans of paint, and discovered 2 more cans of sea foam green. Fortunately, one of the cans was bad, however there is one can of sea foam green lurking in the kage.

Updated Updated Update

As of the conclusion of Booth 2011, there is still one can of sea foam green remaining. Additionally, there is a can of paint that is suspiciously labeled "sub-ocean blue", thought by some to be a thinly veiled can of sea foam green.


A motion to sea foam green is always out of order.

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