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Sawyer Palsen is a person. Or so he claims.

Officer Dossiers

2VP, 2021-2022

After discovering, utilizing, and exploiting the power of friendship, Sawyer has ascended to the position of 2VP. With this significant powerup, he is now A) in charge of organizing our events, B) armed with the funds of the KGB's swelling treasury, C) a Keter-class SCP, and D) a generator of good ideas.

Power: (Formerly Friendship, replaced with 3km of rope)

RecSec, 2020-2021

Sawyer is specially trained to type and record everything he sees. Some say that he types so fast, the words are in the minutes before you’ve even said them.

Weapon of Choice: Keyboard

Preceded by
Woody McCoy
Recording Secretary
Succeeded by
Liam Thomas
Preceded by
James Byrne
Second Vice President
Succeeded by