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Officer Dossiers:

President, 2021-2022

James Byrne has taken up the mantle of President, meaning that he's now in charge of organizing the poor sods of the KGB into a legislative powerhouse. His task is great, but his resolve is greater. Let all beware his power, especially people who get confused by his somewhat non-standard accent.

Power: Strength of the Throne

2VP, 2020-2021

James used to be in charge of managing our money - now that he’s no longer shackled by those restraints, he can spend all the money he wants on events. Or possibly none since we don’t get snacks this year.

Weapon of Choice: the Sergeant at Arms

Treasurer, 2019-2020

James is well known to have immunity towards coin ammunition. As a child, he seemed to have a strange affinity for spaces in between couch cushions and random beaches. His tough exterior acts as both a magnet for coins and a shield to preserve his constitution. This immunity allows him to easily collect funds for the org as well as lend to his nickname as t h e M o n e y M a n. You will trust him. You will throw coins at him.

Despite his tough exterior, he requests that all coins be tossed underhand, not underhanded.

Preceded by
Nick Rauen
Succeeded by
Mckenna Brown
Preceded by
Mitchell Yang
Second Vice President
Succeeded by
Sawyer Palsen
Preceded by
Dez Reed
Succeeded by
Kevin Song