The Rats of NIMH

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The Rats of NIMH was KGB's Booth entry in 1999, which was themed "Children's Literature." Although originally placing second in the Independent category, we were later bumped to third place due to a judging miscalculation.

Although not entirely a Russian themed story (Peter and the Wolf had been taken before), we did manage to give the rats a sort of communist/socialist theme.

The structure of the booth was simple, re-using the basic parts from booths from years previous. It was a simple one room structure with steps and a two doorway entrance/exit. The exterior was a rose bush, with the interior emulating an outside scene of a farm field at night. In the middle was a tree and a small plot where a small diorama of rats and objects were placed, and the game was to use a pulley /magnet system to lift a stone "house" to rescue the rat family.

It was co-chaired by Daisy Church, who oversaw Art Direction, and Karen Adams, who designed the game and structure, with lots of help from John-Eric Hoffman, who oversaw construction. We had many, many hard-working KGB-ers who pitched in to help and make it a great looking booth.

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