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Rin Fair, also known as Rinaissance Fair, is a multi-colored unicorn who likes to sit quietly at the back of KGB Meetings and listen to other people make funny jokes. After becoming an officer, she instead began to sit quietly at the front of KGB Meetings and listen to other people make funny jokes.

She is the Editor-in-Chef of readme and a booth chair (see Topple The Czar).

Officer Dossiers:

1VP, 2017-2018

Katie is the epitome of red oni, her emotional landscape a vast burning sun of cuddling and cuteness that would likely incinerate other mortals through its sheer intensity; but to her is homeostasis. She is an aficionado of musical theatre, and a patron of the arts. She really likes Sky High, but we can forgive her for that. Katie is the Vice President, and potentially the reason you’re here. Though shy, through attrition she is able to draw unsuspecting friends into her interests and social circles over the course of months, years, and decades. When she has marked you , your fate will lead you to her domain. She is like Davey Jones in this way. It is her most valuable asset. She also does robots!

CorSec, 2016-2017

Rin is The Quiet One of the KGB. She prefers to sit and listen during GBMs and perform her officer duties in writing, distributing her Pravda? instead of actually “speaking.”


Pom Pom Girl: Despite being usually quiet, Rin is very enthusiastic about everything. She will back your ideas and support your endeavors without actually initiating her own things.

The Fashionista: While she’s often too lazy to appear presentable, she has strong opinions about fashion and hair and will discuss endlessly if you mention wanting to dye yours.

Adorable Abomination: She may look cute and sweet, but if you get to know her you will soon discover that she is a terrible human being. In fact, scratch that. She isn’t a real person.

Written by: Rin

Preceded by
Erin Balke
Corresponding Secretary
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Dylan Vrana
First Vice President
Succeeded by
Dez Reed