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Officer Dossiers:

First Vice President, 2009-2010:

A thief and a scholar, you would be hard-pressed not to find this San Franciscan Harvey Mudd graduate climbing some sort of tall structure at any given time. Whether to obtain a rare diamond for Carmen Sandiego, testing his latest flying contraption, or for his own amusement, it is a well known fact that Mander very rarely has both of his feet on the ground.

Mander is believed to be a counselor of sorts, specifically of camp-goers, but more widely of things that move. Non-sedentary creatures often flock to him, attracted by his magnetic field, charming smile, and the distinct scent of tangerines.

If you ever need anything, anything at all, recall that Mander is 1.8 million gallons per acre and can sprint faster than a speeding fast thing.

Australian Totem Animal: the koala

Written by: eforney

Preceded by
Matthew Glisson
First Vice President
Succeeded by
Emily Forney