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Avalon Sueiro is a person. More content here, please.

Officer Dossiers:

ONEVeep, 2023-2024

A master of winning positions via random process, Avalon has decided to expand her skills to winning positions through orderly elections as well. As the new freshman fraternizer 1VP, we’re all hoping she doesn’t decide the incoming freshmen are cooler than we are and ends up quitting the KGB entirely.

Sergeant at Arms, 2022-2023 (Jan-Apr)

Avalon did not receive a bio for her service during these trying times.

Preceded by
Kaylie Carpenter
Sergeant at Arms
2022-2023 (Jan-Apr)
Succeeded by
Daniel Yin
Preceded by
Twain Byrnes
First Vice President
Succeeded by
Benner Rogers