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Kaylie (or sometimes Kale) is the creator of the Cats Are Stupid Committee and the Avatar Rewatch Committee.

Officer Dossiers:

1VP, 2021-2022

Kaylie spent a gap year training in the art of persuasion, making her the perfect outreach operative. She continues to lure hapless students into GBM with promises of cat pictures and Friday events, only this time, there's a chance they'll be tricked into playing Outer Wilds too. Caution is advised.

Power: Friendship (confiscated from Sawyer)

1VP, 2020-2021

Kaylie strikes fear into the hearts of ordinary passersby. Not because they will undoubtedly be recruited into the KGB, but because they will feel compelled to start loving her cats and spending money on fake jokes.

Weapon of Choice: Cats

1VP, Spring 2020

Kaylie has always been complimented on her eyesight, honed for scanning crowds for potential recruits. When Kaylie spots an unsuspecting face in the crowd, watch out. Next thing you know she’ll be showing them how to use a corner clamp while explaining that yes, buying a committee means actually buying a committee with real money.

Preceded by
Janny Mongkolsupawan
First Vice President
2019-2020 (Jan-Apr)

2020-2021 2021-2022

Succeeded by