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Glorious Booth Chairs: ajkraut, gmichalc, mglisson

2010 was an ambitious year for KGB, building a one-story Booth with a lofted roof section. Overall, the year was surprisingly lacking in drama, given some Booth years of the past. The attitude encouraged by the chairs and adopted by all participants carried over into the next year.

This year, the KGB learned a lot about water features. We were in good company as a handful of other organizations also used water features that year. One of these organizations was sorority Kappa Alpha Theta, whose antics that year coined the term structural thetas when they used their members to hold together parts of their two story as they were constructing.

Even more lessons were learned about water when a huge storm hit during Carnival, which led Midway Chair Chase Brownell to close Midway, sending visitors and Booth-manners to Morewood and The Underground. The great amount of wind caused non-structural Russian domes of Delta Gamma's nearby Booth (Anastasia in Candyland or something similarly nonsensical) to bombard Atlantis, presenting a dangerous situation since they were made of sharp chicken wire. eforney recalls grabbing one which was rolling about the walkways as she was manning the Booth, shoving it between two Booths to prevent it from harming anyone. Bits of plastic were used to cover some of KGB Booth's art (drawings, journal entries, and a paper aircraft made by gbarr, jboning, and scorri) as massive amounts of rain entered the Booth.


  • Myst 3
  • Dinotopia
  • Bioshock!

Meeting Notes


Many pictures can be seen at KGB Booth's Facebook page.

The Booth was predominantly white with a lofted roof section with a rounded window. In this section was a mezzanine with light-up cave rocks and a dark cave wall. Leading to this was the area for much of the art, and from it, the area for the game, separated by our impressive albeit leaky waterfall and netting.


mglisson designed a hexagonal tiered structure which had openings in it. Light-up bouncy toys were thrown into the structure in order to "power up" Atlantis.

Things Learned

Never EVER do a waterfall again.

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