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cmartens, more often known as chrisamaphone, mostly lives on Livejournal. She is occasionally seen consorting with birds or writing code.

Contact Info

  • Email: cmartens at andrew dot cmu dot edu

Officer Dossier

The proper prepartation of a Chrisamaphone:
  • Two small kittens, preferably with ears
  • Two bits of different lemon flavored cookies
  • Three cups dehydrated water, rehydrated
Preheat oven to 350 degrees and give the kitten a saucer of milk. Mix the lemon cookie and water until fully absorbed by the sponge and serve over pasta salad. If no lemon cookies are available, substitute orange-flavored chocolate to form substitute officer gwillen.

(written by User:Ddagradi)

Preceded by
Lauren "lea" Albaugh
Sergeant at Arms
Succeeded by
Matthew Glisson
Preceded by
Chris Jackson
Second Vice President
Succeeded by
Carolyn Sawyer