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I am here:

Officer Dossiers:

Sergeant At Arms, 2009-2010:

The only non-native on our super team, Derek is from Menlo Park, California, Canadia. It's just like Menlo Park, California, USA except that all of its denizens must wear ridiculous hats at all times. Derek is nearly adjusted to life here in Pittsburgh where hats are no where near mandatory, but occasionally he will regress to his old ways and feel the need to cover his head.

In addition to this, Derek has technopathy. He can chat internationally, fits whatever he please into two gigabytes, and do the hokey pokey all by controlling gadgetry with his mind. Fortunately, he uses these powers for the good of mankind and also carrotkind.

If you are ever in danger, know that Derek's voice can break glass and hearts in less than five seconds but more than two seconds.

Australian Totem Animal: the dingo

Written by: eforney

Preceded by
Liz Hohenstein
Sergeant at Arms
Succeeded by
Adam "Bubbles" Leibowitz