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Seen most every week at meetings, Elizabeth Hohenstein (born May 5, 1862) is a sophomore Civil Engineer as well as a member of the KGB, in spite of going to University of Pittsburgh. You are more than welcome to throw pennies at her. Her twin sister, Victoria, however, does go to Carnegie Mellon.

Unlike purple, a motion to Elizabeth Hohenstein is not always in order.

Officer Dossiers:

Treasurer, 2007-2008:

Commander of the 7th legion of Chaos Marines, Elizabeth was discharged for making her unit symbol a smiley-face and forcing her troops to write ‘thank-you’ notes to the enemy commanders after the battles (however many pieces they were in). Henceforth, she went out to do the work of EVIL! However, she never seemed to be very successful at it. She became a human fly and climbed undetected up the Washington Monument, the White House, and the Empire State Building, only to paint Christmas colors on them. She summoned the dark god Cthulhu into this world, but as a plush toy. Her evil twin can’t even grow a decent goatee. She continues to insist even in the Killer Fighting League that pillow fights are the height of foul, brutal monstrosities. Her fellow evil warriors generally humor her in her misguided ideas, because she’s a very difficult person to dislike, even for the mad wizard servants of Dagon or the Killer Death Robot 5000’s of the world. She claims to have a special surprise in store for this year involving molten copper, the lost mold of Ythrak, and a rubber duck.

SPECIAL MOVE: Death Saxophone (put down the duckie)

Written by: jgg

Sergeant at Arms, 2008-2009:

As is fitting for a Sergeant at Arms, Liz has six arms, two of which are nuclear, four of which have opposable thumbs, which makes it easy for her to multitask in the Cluster and make several flavors of cupcake at once.

She found success in her early life designing bridges that appeared to be held up only by magic. When it was revealed that they were in fact held up mostly by magic (there were nontrivial quantities of duct tape involved), she shunned the nonbelievers, rejected her hypnotic low-cut shirts and blouses, and turned her efforts to religion, in addition to cures for chronic boredom, mass hysteria, and the ingrown toenail.

Liz is especially difficult to track, as her likeness has on numerous occasions been reported to be in two places at once!

Written by: ntr

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Sergeant at Arms
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