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John Retterer-Moore, aka JRAM

A fearless puzzler, punmaster, and board game pugilist. May have a secret identity known as "JBAM" look for him at the next Roselawn party.

Second Vice President, 2013-2014:

John Retterer-Moore is the eighth in a long dynasty of gourmet chefs; as heir to his family’s legacy, he was of course expected to experiment in his field, but well within the realms of propriety. John had grander schemes. One fateful evening under a bright quarter moon, John was practicing his craft in a cavernous empty kitchen when, on a lark, he made a joke about the pudding he was making. The pudding sparked and sputtered; it was transformed before his eyes into a dish more decadent and appetizing than any he had concocted. He cautiously took a bite; it was a dish of the angels. Dubbing his newfound skill Pun Magic and taking the magician’s name JRAM, he went on to create outlandish foodstuffs that had never before touched the lips of any mortal. He spends his days trying out Pun Spells on other common subjects; for every pun that elicits more supernatural effect than groans from the audience, he adds another feather to his cap.

Written by: mnabraha and mwoolfor

Preceded by
Tim Broman
Second Vice President
Succeeded by
Mike Woolford