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Last name must be pronounced as though it is two words, i.e. "Bro Man", as mandated by the Brommittee.

Facts about tbroman (written by Bubbles in the 9/26/11 meeting):

Tim's favourite color is grey
Tim listens to NPR
Tim's favourite show is Law and Order
Tim's favourite number is 0
Tim's favourite food is oatmeal
Tim's favourite song is Greensleeves
Tim's favourite film is Fargo
Tim's favourite celebrity is Ben Stein
Tim is from Wisconsin
Tim's favourite game is chess

Officer Dossiers:

Recording Secretary, 2011-2012:

Name: Hitmonbro
Type: Fighting
Number: 108
Location: The Hitmonbroes live in monasteries scattered across Wisconsin, studying the arts of fighting, Ultimate Frisbee, and partying.

  • Electrical Safety: boosts defense.
  • Assassinate: a one-time use, super-effective attack.
  • Decide: Increases attack.

Weaknesses: The Hitmonbro is vulnerable to storm types. In particular, attacks such as Rain and Strong Wind are super-effective.

Written by: mmeyerho

Second Vice President, 2012-2013:

Tim Broman was not born; Tim Broman sprang fully formed out of the head of I0XX9, a robot with strong AI secretly produced in Area 51. Armed with biological components, a complete knowledge of human trivia, and a hat folded from used crossword puzzles, Tim left to study how humans worked. After a dubious incident involving fire and party hats, Tim decided that the human conception of fun was reckless and dangerous. Tim undertook a cleansing of his brain to purge anything related to fun in order to protect himself from future incidents. Since that time, Tim has fairly successfully passed as a human, dodging a few inquiries into his lack of amusing pursuits. Tim can recite all of Robert's Rules of Order backwards and forwards, but never does so in full in fear of breaking his cover.

Written by: mmeyerho

President, 2013-2014:

Our President, Timothy Broman, was first discovered after the vicious Eighteenth SocioBattle of Canticus Nine against the Troll Horde. He was found floating about the ruins with nothing but the clothes on his back and the Sentient Sword of Sound Judgement, a family heirloom capable of defeating the sharpest of wits with centuries-old, well-honed arguments. The scavenger priests who found him saw a greatness in him that had not been sensed in millennia; his training began immediately. After many long, harsh years of discipline and seasoning, Broman emerged a Warrior of Wordplay. His time on Earth is simply the next stage of his training; his graduation from Carnegie Mellon University will herald the final battle between Broman and the Troll Horde, bringing the dawn of a new era of peace and prosperity for the entire galactic sector. Until then, he leads our meetings with verve and vigor.

Written by: mnabraha and mwoolfor

Preceded by
Thomas Wright
Recording Secretary
Succeeded by
Xander Orenstein
Preceded by
Tim Vaughan
Second Vice President
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Adam "Bubbles" Leibowitz
Succeeded by
Marlena Abraham