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Kevin Song (kevinson) is a person who feels awkward when writing articles about himself.

In 2020, Kevin joined the KGB. This began a series of unfortunate events.

In 2021, Kevin was CorSec, and probably set the record for the least interactive exec member during GBMs.

In 2022, Kevin made a lot of Booth posters. Although one of these posters sold for more than a hundred dollars during a Useless Stuff Auction, he continues to regret the monstrosities he has created.

In 2023, Kevin did nothing notable. Thank god.

In 2024, Kevin helped dig readme out of its 7-year grave, and placed it under the jurisdiction of the KGB (as opposed to the disbanded "AB Publications"). Hopefully it doesn't return to its grave anytime soon.

Kevin should not be trusted with print quota, stickers, or anything bearing adhesive properties. He also should not be trusted with paint, as evidenced by the current state of this god-forsaken campus.

Officer Dossiers:

El Presidente, 2023-2024

Like all good dictators before him, Kevin has rigged this year’s elections in order to secure a second year as president. Sure, it’s perhaps a little suspicious that he received a supermajority of 150% of the vote, but the election proctors assure us that “no foul play was involved.” As the election committee is required to be impartial, all we can do is take them at their word.

President, 2022-2023

Kevin started his journey as a lowly CorSec, writing Pravda? and keeping the general body updated on each new event. Little did we know, he had a greater goal in mind: total KGB domination. Now, he has ascended to the throne of President, and controls all the inner machinations of the org. Let all tremble at his power.

Likes: Finely crafted plans, events running smoothly, the fence

Dislikes: Rain calls

CorSec, 2021-2022

Kevin never actually learned how to read, but the people that hired him to write emails for the org haven't realized that yet. He spends his days wandering on campus, staring vacantly at flyers in the UC, and asking you (yes, you) for Pravda? submissions.

Power: Photoshop Affinity

Preceded by
Kushal Dulla
Corresponding Secretary
Succeeded by
Izzy Shaw
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James Byrne


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