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Officer Dossiers:

S@A, 2021-2022

Kushal has traded in his role as "lead Pravda? writer" for the Arms of the Sergeant. Instead of sending weekly emails to the organization, he now sends enemies of the org to the afterlife. In his spare time, you can find him creating new polar bear facts and being unimpressed by spicy foods.

Power: Arms

CorSec, 2020-2021

Kushal single-mindedly pursues one goal: extracting Pravda? submissions from even the most unwilling. Any rumours about him secretly working for the government in exile are completely unfounded.

Weapon of Choice: Pravda?

S@A, 2019-2020

Kushal is not only “competent at something,” he is versatile like no other. He can become whatever you need.

- Someone to pick up slack and/or event materials

- The last line of defense for the President.

- Lobster.

- (At) Arms.

Preceded by
Mitchell Yang
Sergeant at Arms
Succeeded by
Oliver Li
Preceded by
Mckenna Brown
Corresponding Secretary
Succeeded by
Kevin Song
Preceded by
Oliver Li
Sergeant at Arms
Succeeded by