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Howard Ma is a person. More content here, please.

Officer Dossiers:

TWOVeep, 2023-2024

After using his patented Magic Trick™ to make our money disappear during his time as treasurer, Howie is now looking to do the same thing to our events. While the rest of us are somewhat concerned as to the fun value of making every event find the event minus the event, Howie assures us that the real fun of KGB events is the friends we make along the way.

Treasurer, 2022-2023

As Treasurer, Howard has one of the most important and hardest jobs in all of Exec: managing money. He must defend KGB’s funds from those who would misuse them, as well as defend himself from the onslaught of coins thrown at him week after week.

Likes: Economic theory, jokes about tax evasion, rare coins

Dislikes: Summit Cola

Preceded by
Oliver Li
Succeeded by
Theo Kronemer
Preceded by
Charles Hood
Second Vice President
Succeeded by
Daniel Yin