Sergeant at Arms

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Arms form a widely-accepted means of lifting large objects, e.g. for Booth.

The Sergeant at Arms is the enforcer and stuff keeper of the KGB. Its mandate is given in the Bylaws as

The Sergeant-at-Arms shall assist in preserving order as the chair may direct, and other duties as set forth in the standing rules of order.

While this seems to imply that the Sergeant at Arms has the duty to obey the orders of the chair, the Sergeant at Arms is often found to prefer sitting on top of a video projector, blithely blowing bubbles.

The primary duty of the Sergeant at Arms is not listed in the Bylaws. It is the Sergeant at Arms's job to take care of KGB's stuff. The Sergeant at Arms should always have a key to the Kage, so ambitious comrades should consult the Sergeant at Arms when they are suddenly struck by inspiration, or when they find stuff for repurposing.