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Names: Timothy Vaughan, Tim, Tim-khan

Tim is the guy with the guitar. He is in a band called Critical Seasoning, which may or may not be the best thing ever (probably not), and which you can listen to here: [1].

He is also the Captain Space Admiral of an organization known as the Consortium of Minds. Its membership is exclusive, but if you are interested in joining it, you should let him know.

Likes: Music, Acting, Writing (songs, stories), Exploring, Making things, Meeting new people

Dislikes: Dickery, Malhandery, Portrandery, Parade rain


Outbid the creator of for:


Officer Dossiers:

Second Vice President, 2011-2012:

Name: Sealeague
Type: Music
Number: 120
Location: Sealeagues can be found all across Texas, with high concentrations residing in the Houston area. Sealeagues are nomadic, known to wander the state in search of folk songs and brisket.

  • Play Guitar: charms opponents.
  • Shout: paralyzes everyone within earshot.
  • Evil Seafood: this attack can result in poisoning or paralysis.

Weaknesses: An attack from an ice type can devestate a Sealeague. Also, fire types are immune to the Evil Seafood attack.

Written by: mmeyerho

First Vice President, 2012-2013:

Tim Vaughan was hatched in the watery depths of the Harmonic Ocean. In a bed of clams, he was an anemone, bending back and forth with the rhythm of the ocean. Tim eventually grew tired of his life tied to a single piece of rock, and longed to explore the ocean beyond where he was born. In an act of rebellion, he joined the evil seafood league, a roving band of villians. The league wandered up and down the sea, sewing minor disruption and annoyance up and down the Melodic Trench. However, Tim eventually noticed a growing discontent and a wish that his life were a little less blue. After much soul-searching, he decided that he was actually amphibious. He petitioned Bad Seahorse for a special mission of finding land and investigating possibilities for evil therein. Permission granted, Tim swam up the gulf of Harmonica to the shores of Texas. Upon touching land, Tim immediately doubled in size and grew legs. He wandered through various southern states and became indoctrinated with blues and country music. Tim bought a guitar, and now travels as a wandering bard, bringing music to all parts of the country.

Written by: mmeyerho

Preceded by
Zachary Sparks
Second Vice President
Succeeded by
Tim Broman
Preceded by
Adam "Bubbles" Leibowitz
First Vice President
Succeeded by
Caroline Colombo