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Oliver Li is a person. Except when he isn't

Officer Dossiers:

Treasurer, 2021-2022

Oliver has been in charge of our money for about a year now, and we can safely report that our finances are at the best they've ever been! At least, that's what he told us, right before he bought a plane ticket to Las Vegas and left with a strange, money-stuffed briefcase. Don't worry, he's back now, and his briefcase lost some weight too.

Power: Advanced Market Manipulation Techniques

S@A, 2020-2021

Oliver has arms. He uses these arms for everything from protecting the president from all threats to drinking ketchup tomato juice. Sometimes he uses his feet too.

Weapon of Choice: Arms

Preceded by
Kushal Dulla
Succeeded by
Kushal Dulla
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Mckenna Brown
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