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labbott does not actually exist. This is a vicious lie created to confuse people. At one time or another, there may have existed an labbott but deciding membership in the set labbott is NP-Hard, requires more energy than there actually exists in the universe and void where prohibited by law. The closest things that can be said to resemble an labbott may include but are not limited to: a leather whip, complaints, Voodoo Priestesses and the color $\phi$

You can also consider this my personal ad. Because KGB totally needs to create a dating service of sorts.

Officer Dossier:

Treasurer, 2008-2009:

It is common knowledge and no secret at all that Laura is a dominatrix. Why wouldn't she be? She is pretty tall. Hence, if you throw rolled coins at her during a meeting, there will be consequences. And you'd better hope they didn't strike her. She just might have to reprogram your hardware, if you know what I mean.

In her spare time, she teaches her kitten chorus popular songs and uploads the results to the Internet, where they have become an overnight sensation. Their first album has gone platinum in Germany, but then again, what hasn't?

She was the first KGB member to fly solo around the world, but says nothing of the three months during which she disappeared in the Pacific without a trace, or her cameo appearance on TV's "Love Boat."

Written by: ntr

Treasurer, 2009-2010:

A master of weaponry, Miss Labbott is not a force to be reckoned with. Her height, ability to melt metal with a stern glance, and cunning wit make her a very formidable opponent. Luckily, all our base are belong to her, so she probably won't harm us. However, if she ever changes her mind, we have reason to believe that torture involving honeysuckle will be in order.

Although clearly a dominatrix, there is a softer side to Laura. She has never been able to resist the cutesy-wutesy capabilities of baby animals. That is why she keeps a menagerie in her backyard in southern New York, and a mini-badger in her pocket when coding.

If you ever ruffle her feathers, know that she is rather fond of fruit and enjoys a just-ripened pear just as much as the next guy.

Australian Totem Animal: the casowary

Written by: eforney

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