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Adam Leibowitz, aka Bubbles

Officer Dossiers:

Sergeant at Arms 2010-2011:

Originally from Connecticut. Athletically competent, again no remarkable strength. All of our data seems to be completely useless as it is on Bubbles, and this character above has no information gathered on him. Every time reports came back on this character it was about Bubbles instead. Anyways Bubbles has been reported to be a member of improv. Additionally he always seems to have a bubble creation device on hi allowing him to easily manipulate the people around him.

Test 1: Unlikely Hero

Test 2: Tagalong Kid

Test 3: Would be killed as soon as he mets another "player", but if he gets his hand on a real weapon...

Film Version: Functional Genre Savvy/Death as Comedy

Written by: Arsenij

First Vice President, 2011-2012:

Name: Bubblesaurus
Type: Water
Number: 4
Location: Bubblesauri are often found along the edge of water. Hot springs in Connecticut and mountain streams in the Sahara are particularly common places to find a happy, swimming Bubblesaurus.

  • Improvise: deflects opponents attack back to opponent.
  • Bubble: effective against fire types.
  • Orient: increases attack, especially in a group fighting situation.

Weaknesses: The Bubblesaurus is vulnerable to the grass type and shiny type. Free Skittles is an attack that is super-effective against a Bubblesaurus.

Written by: mmeyerho

President, 2012-2013:

Adam was raised in the bubblegum fields of underground Connecticut. Growing up, he was much mocked for his inability to produce bubbles while chewing gum and given the nickname "Bubbles" in mockery. Eventually driven from his community in failure, Bubbles left to explore the wide world. Homeless, he acquired a single piece pajama suit to sleep in and a flower hat to aid in photosynthesis. He was able to lead a comfortable life, but was continuously depressed by his inability to produce bubbles. Eventually, he decided to study chemical engineering in an attempt to produce a bubblegum which would make it easier for him to blow bubbles. After a few grisly accidents, he produced an odd liquid and a fake mouth on a stick, which could be combined to make translucent spheres on demand. Estatic, he attempted to travel back to the bubblegum fields to prove his worth. Unfortunately, he got lost in Ohio and ended up at CMU. He remains here, constantly sending up bubbles that he hopes will fly back to Connecticut and let his family know that he is not a disgrace.

Written by: mmeyerho

Preceded by
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Sergeant at Arms
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Clyde Shaffer
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Emily Forney
First Vice President
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