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Booth is the process of constructing a wooden scaffolding for holding spackle and caulk. Organizations can Win Booth by having the most uniformly-spackled wooden structures on Midway.

It is very important to ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING when spackling a booth. If you simply give a bucket of spackle to Creidieki, and tell him "figure out what to do with this", you will not Win Booth. Particularly if he then enlists all of the freshmen.

Anyway, after you spackle something, you wait for it to dry, and then you sand over it, and then you paint it. Casual afterthought is then used to construct a roof and cover it in tar paper. Roof construction is oft-considered the best time of year to identify which KGB members are load bearing.

All of this might be fun, if it didn't cost more than KGB has spent on anything else, ever. That small detail guarantees fun. Or you can just take wood out of the dumpsters. That works too.


History of booth:

Mating call


Cultlike chant

When I say Booth, you say Booth! Booth! (Booth!)